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Working with us means that you'll have groundbreaking problem solving and decision making techniques at your fingertips throughout the entire process. 


Why Choose Us?

For over 25 years, our global network in 17 countries and territories has been providing high quality advisory services that help our clients do three things: Make Better Decisions, Solve Problems Faster, and Anticipate and Prevent Risks before the problems occur. Our focus on developing easy to use Thinking technologies that can quickly be applied to pressing issues has enabled our clients to increase their customer satisfaction, deliver higher levels of reliability, and expand their reach around the globe- all examples of the immediate application for better quality that the Thinking Dimensions approaches deliver worldwide.


Thinking Dimensions Global is a UK private registered company designed to support high quality delivery while following a common set of processes and beliefs world-wide.

Client services are provided by Thinking Dimensions Global partners and by other independent firms licensed to use the Thinking Dimensions name, logo and/ or proprietary KandF Thinking Technologies. Each Thinking Dimensions' company is separate and legally distinct. Thinking Dimensions Global Pty does not provide services to clients.

Member firms are located in 16 countries. Collectively, there are over 300 global resources. Thinking Dimensions Global is organized around its Strategy, IT CSI and Industrial Problem Solving Service lines. All Partner and Associate firms are certified in KandF Thinking Technologies.

Each Thinking Dimensions company and their partners or associates take responsibility for its management and the quality of its work. Partners and professionals within those firms undertake to act with integrity at all times.

Unless otherwise indicated, references in this website to a 'member firm' or 'member firms' includes references to member firms of Thinking Dimensions Global, other firms licensed by them to use the Thinking Dimensions name and, in each case, firms controlled by them.


From Apollo 13 to Thinking Dimensions Global: Chuck Kepner’s Legacy

As one of the founders behind the Thinking Dimensions Global problem solving methodology, Chuck Kepner has a long and storied history as a problem solving expert. In the 1950s, Mr. Kepner worked with Benjamin Tregoe at the RAND Corporation, exploring how people reacted to and processed problem solving information. After leaving the RAND Corporation, Kepner and Tregoe devised their own problem solving and decision making process, K-T Rational Thinking. This processes went on to achieve worldwide recognition and success when NASA engineers and scientists employed it to rescue the astronauts aboard doomed spacecraft Apollo 13. 

“Houston, We’ve Got a Problem Here …”

The safe return of the Apollo 13 astronauts was attributed to many factors, among them the quick thinking and implementation of the Problem Analysis root cause analysis questioning methodology devised by Chuck Kepner and Tregoe in their Rational Thinking model. As NASA engineers worked their way through “IS…COULD BE but IS NOT” questions, they were able to identify the new state of affairs on board cause of the incident that the damaged Apollo 13 and come up with a solution to save the astronauts’ lives. On April 17, 1970, the crippled spacecraft splashed down in South Pacific, all three astronauts alive and well.

Although Kepner and Tregoe parted ways, After leaving Kepner-Tregoe, Chuck Kepner continued his groundbreaking work in problem solving, decision-making and root cause analysis, eventually partnering with Matt Fourie, another recognized expert in the burgeoning field of problem solving in the business/professional sector. 

Chuck Kepner and Mat-thys Fourie Collaborate to Create Problem-Solving Powerhouse

In 1983, Chuck Kepner was the head of Kepner & Associates while Matt Fourie had established Rational Management Consultants. In 1995, the two opted to pool their collective experiences and investigate a possible new venture using their rational and intuitive problem solving skills. In 1997 Thinking Dimensions International was established and the initial Problem Solving and Decision Making skills workshops were launched.

By the year 2000, Thinking Dimensions had grown into a top international training organization, and by 2001, the company added consulting services, mostly facilitating in-company teams on how to find the root cause of a problem and how to make collaborative decisions.

IT Focus Gives Thinking Dimensions New Direction and Exposure

In 2004, Matt Fourie spearheaded the effort to ‘adopt and adapt’ Thinking Dimensions’ traditional root cause analysis methodology for the IT industry.  As a result, Thinking Dimensions now owns various copyrights and trademarks in the IT Industry for Incident and Problem Management, and is a leader in Strategic Transformation using a process based approach as well as IT CSI℠ training and consulting. Thinking Dimensions developed the IT Incident Investigation process and approach to such an extent that it earned an industry award for innovation in this area.

Chuck Kepner’s legacy continues today as Thinking Dimensions Global continues to thrive, grow and innovate around its fundamental areas of expertise – problem solving and decision-making.

Our Clients


Leadership Team

With over 100 years of combined experience, powerful and effective decision making and problem solving come easy to the Thinking Dimensions Global leadership team.

Mat-thys Fourie

Mat-thys Fourie

Founder, Chairman & Managing Partner of TDG and Managing Director of the Global IT CSI Practice

Fairfax, Virginia, USA
About Mat-thys 
Timothy Lewko

Timothy Lewko

CEO & Managing Partner of TDG and Managing Director for the Global Strategy Practice

Vancouver, BC, CANADA
About Timothy 
J._Adriaan DuPlessis

J. Adriaan du Plessis

Managing Partner of TDG and Managing Director of the Global Industrial Problem Solving Practice

Johannesburg, South Africa
About Adriaan 
Robin Borough

Robin L. Borough

Thinking Dimensions Association and President of Omnikron, Certified Training Affiliate

Los Angeles, California, USA
About Robin 

Thinking Dimensions Global Partners

Our partners at TDG span a wide range of expertise, skill sets, industries, and geographies to meet you and your team where you are and help you to develop the best internal practices for problem solving and decision making. 

Andrew Sauter

Andrew Sauter

Partner of TDG and Managing Director Thinking Dimensions Australia

Sydney, Australia
About Andrew 
Scott Newton

Scott Newton

Partner of TDG and Managing Director of Thinking Dimensions Italy

Asolo, TV, Italia
About Scott 
John Hudson

John Hudson

Partner of TDG and Managing Director for Thinking Dimensions Ltd UK

Southampton SO17 1EN UK
About John 
Prasad Deshpande

Prasad Deshpande

Partner of TDG and Managing Director of Thinking Dimensions India

Pune, India
About Prasad 
K. Jayshankar

K. Jayshankar (Jay)

Partner of TDG and Managing Director of Thinking Dimensions India

Pune, India
About Jay 
Bill Dunn

Bill Dunn

Partner of TDG and Managing Director of Thinking Dimensions LLC

Fairfax, VA. USA
About Bill 
Steven Loo

Steven Loo

Partner of TDG and Managing Director of Thinking Dimensions Asia, Singapore

About Steven 
Will Beukes

Will Beukes

Partner of Thinking Dimensions Asia

Bangkok, Thailand
About Will 

Certified Training Affiliates

Thinking Dimensions Global's Certified Training Affiliates (CTAs) are our trusted allies in problem solving methodologies. CTAs faciliate global and virtual Root Cause Analysis and Project RescueSM workshops throughout the year. 



Omnikron IT Training and Staffing

Omnikron Inc.

World Leader in IT Training and Staffing

Los Angeles, CA, USA
About Omnikron 
First Priority Training Company

First Priority

Management Training

Shanghai, China
About First Priority 


People Talent Development and Organizational Results Improvement

Mexico D.F., Mexico
About EPISE 
Human Performance

Human Performance

Consulting Training and Talent Development

About Human Performance 
Case Learning

Case Learning

Training and Consultancy Firm

Istanbul, Turkey
About Case Learning 

Stevenson Hureca

Human Resource Capital and
Training Consultancy

About Stevenson Hureca