Asking, “What It Is Not?” Will Create Significant Insights

Into the Incident Experienced

In an incident situation,we are always looking for that “Silver Bullet” question – the one question that would bring some insight to the incident being experienced. The good news is that there is such a question; in fact there are a few of these questions that could provide you with that insight needed. We call that the “but not” question.

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Who Has the Information in Incident Investigation?

Simple Question, But Powerful!

One of the most important questions to ask yourself in attempting to solve an incident quickly, accurately and permanently is to ask the following three questions:

  1. What do you know about the incident?
  2. What don’t you know about the incident?
  3. How can you collaborate with whom that could provide you with this missing information?
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Are you Identifying the Correct Fault in Problem Solving Sessions?

Over the years as a consultant, I’ve learned how to listen to what people are saying, albeit doing it for a different reason you might have had in mind. I am doing it to eliminate the “noise” and “clutter” normally surrounding problem solving sessions. This might surprise you, but the biggest obstacle in solving problems and incidents effectively, is the human nature to “elevate” or escalate things in order to get the appropriate attention of the other person.

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Remembering and Celebrating Chuck Kepner’s Legacy

On March 27th, a legendary force in decision-making and problem-solving has passed away...
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Holding Their Feet to the Fire

We recently had some surprising feedback from one of our clients…surprising to them anyway, and in a good way. We were leading a large continuous improvement exercise for the IT division of a global financial services company.

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