How to Become a Better Decision Maker


1. The Need

Decision making is the skill set of successful executives and managers. Decisions are the critical starting point of any and all actions that propel companies forward. 


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4 Skillsets Of A Strategic CEO

Boards and owners are increasingly expressing dissatisfaction with the CEO they have appointed. In the past 15 years, nearly 25% of Fortune 500 CEO departures have been involuntary. The Skillsets frequently identified as being desired relate to a “more Strategic CEO.” What are those Skillsets, and how can they be developed?

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Making Big Decisions Delivering More Predictable Outcomes

The big decisions that boards and their CEOs make determine the future performance of the organization and ultimately the return to shareholders. As an example, the headline Intel $15.3 billion acquisition of Mobileye confirmed earlier this week will strongly impact the future of the organization and the transportation industry.

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3 Essential Steps to Better QBRs


The Setting for a QBR

P&L owners of the world are busy at work crafting slide packs for upcoming quarterly business reviews (QBR) for their company, business unit or market. Tensions are running high as they pull data into decks, plug numbers into graphs, and ready their teams to present the results of quarter 1.

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How To Maximize Shareholder Value By Building Predictable EBITDA

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