5x EBITDA Growth over 5 years of Global OEM Manufacturing Company

Client Issue

Beginning as a small family company in the 1920’s this packaging firm grew to become a sizeable player in a niche-packaging segment – but it was now stuck at an inflection point. It needed to become more strategically disciplined and systematic if it was to continue to grow profitably. It also had to figure out how to build new leadership competencies and processes while developing a growth strategy based on data not speculation.

To add to the urgency of change and required performance - it was going through the upheaval of being sold from one PE company to another. The CEO wanted to initiate a strategic process and implementation system that would drive alignment and data based decision making but not “break the bank” given its size.


Thinking Dimensions worked with the CEO to apply a facilitated strategy process that matched the needs of the leadership team and would not be seen as over-kill for the company. Since 2006 – it has:

  1. Facilitated the management team and key leaders to reshape its strategic product and market priorities with 3corporate strategy iterations as it reached new Revenue Size inflection points (from 2006 till today).
  2. Lead the building of strategically important capabilities that factually drove competitive advantage as measured by high premiums relative to the competition.
  3. Built strategic competencies and decision making skills of the leadership team.
  4. Embedded a company wide implementation process that tied each employee to a piece of the strategic goals.
  5. Served as a trusted advisor to the CEO to guide the transformation of the organization from a family owned to a global company with a system to scale its business.


  • 4X Revenue Growth.
  • 5X EBITDA Growth.
  • Extended PE Hold because of EBITDA performance.
  • Leaders and managers actually use the strategy to guide daily decision making.
  • Data rather then emotion drives decision making.
  • Strategy and implementation system is repeatable and transferrable to drive quicker inorganic integration.