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Our Services Deliver EBITDA Results Through Better Quality Problem Solving & Strategic Decision Making



Enable CEOs to make big decisions better and deliver higher EBITDA.

IT Continual Service Improvement

Enable IT departments to quickly find root cause and improve up time.

Operational Problem Solving

Enable higher quality and productivity through practical problem solving.

An International Management Consultancy renowned for its problem solving & decision making processes.

Thinking Dimensions Global (TDG) partners with clients to produce measurable change. We deliver EBITDA impacting outcomes to clients through 3 distinct global offerings:

TDG helps C-suite decision makers resolve strategic and operational issues like revenue shortfalls, cost overruns and profitabilty blindspots by utilizing our expertise and experience in the discipline of decision-making. Successful companies equip their leaders with common decision making and problem solving methods to deliver better, more predicatable performance across functions and global geographies.

Since 1997 we have empowered our clients - from mid-cap to multi-national - to use data-driven problem solving and strategic decision making processes to deliver and surpass their goals. Speed, simplicity and fast integration of our tools to deliver P&L results are the hallmarks of working with us.


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Decision Making Legacy

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Kepner is our co-founder and Chairman Emeritus. He has worked since the mid-50s to enable better problem solving and decision making.

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