Thinking Dimensions Global is an international management consultancy renowned for its problem solving & decision making processes. We deliver EBITDA impacting outcomes to clients through 3 distinct global offerings: Strategic Transformation, IT Continual Service Improvement and Industrial Problem Solving.

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Strategic Transformation Blog

Why Poor B2B Segmentation Drains Profits:

3 steps to Take Now to Fix Poor Segmentation A. Introduction There is something alarming about the amount of time, effort and money companies spend while serving their B2B customers and yet are left...Read more


Combining 4 Actions Will Solve Virtually Any Problem Situation

“The most effective decision in modern business today is a decision that consists of various actions implemented over a period of time.” Making a Choice Thirty years ago and more, the motto was to...Read more

Industrial Problem Solving Blog

New decision making approach - far different than old approach!

During the 1980’s, we were all taught that decision making requires us to think in terms of objectives, alternatives and potential risk. In essence, methodologies focused on...Read more

Decision Making is our DNA

Why Decisions Fail

Why Decisions Fail? #1: When faced with a crisis we accept the first answer presented.

“If we were to decide now, would we still enter the businesses we are in today? And if not, what are we going to do about it?” (Drucker, 1992 and 1999) || Read More

Why Decisions Fail

Why Decisions Fail?: #2 – When faced with a decision we start with alternatives.

Managers and executives get paid to take action and deliver outcomes that improve the condition of the business. Decision-making is THE pivot point and mechanism to make things happen in a company. || Read More

Strategic Transformation Results


Back to Profitability for a Global CPG Manufacturer – 10X EBITDA Change YOY

Operating Income Improvement

10% Operating Income Improvement for Pharma company in Maturing Markets in Europe

IT CSI Results

Risk Division

Risk Division of Bank Reduced Incidents by 47% through better scanning of changes

IT Division

Large Bank IT Division reduced Recurring incidents by at least 60%



10 symptoms that your company needs to unlock a pricing strategy

When reviewing the data of many industrials companies, we have found at Thinking Dimensions that there is frequently a “One Size Fits All Pricing” syndrome which is hampering performance and limiting sales. || Read More



Read our Book - Managing Beyond the Ordinary

With the onslaught of information, speed and complexity of business - the simple foundation of decision making and its criticality for managing organizational effective ness is often overlooked.


The three secrets to supercharging your MIM

Nothing beats a well-trained skilled team with specific roles and good leadership. || Read More


SOLVE IT: Investigate the cause of IT incidents...

the IT professional is constantly struggling with information overload when addressing Incident and Problem Management situations.

What our clients say about us...


CorVel has for a decade achieved much improved strategic planning and execution by working with Tim Lewko and Thinking Dimensions.

-- Gordon Clemons, Chairman and CEO of CorVel (NASDAQ:CRVL)


TDG’s strategic process is thorough and direct. It drives the company to get to the heart of the strategic opportunities and zero in on what global opportunities to pursue and those to terminate.

-- Andrew Warrington, COO - United Conveyor Corporation - Global Industrial with Operations in NA, EMEA and APEC


The structure and common processes provided by KEPNERandFOURIE gave us the platform and confidence to deal with incidents swiftly and accurately. For the first time we are confident that we are finding the real true causes of incidents.

-- Doug Farrell - Manager Major Incidents of a large International Investment Bank


I know the stuff works, because once we get a problem solving team together we normally have the answer (technical cause) within 90 minutes. The KEPNERandFOURIE methodologies are now fundamental in our approach to all incident and problem investigations. We have reduced our "error unknown" list by at least 64%".

-- Liam Edwards - Executive Director – Global Infrastructure