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The Strategy Practice at Thinking Dimensions
is designed to help 4 specific groups:

Family Office

You are looking to build a new platform strategy, identify companies to acquire, and to improve the performance of your invested companies.

We work with your team, and the CEO, Board, and leaders of the companies you choose to improve predictable Profitability, Alignment, Speed, Performance, and Sustainability.

Our experience in working with Family Firms and Family Office ensures a solution detailed to fit your goals, requirements, and deliver for your portfolio of today and tomorrow.

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Middle Market

You are a firm with sales between $150 Million and $1.5 Billion. As a leader in your niche, you have risen to an impressive global leadership position in the markets you choose to serve.

The growth of your firm has frequently been the highest in your industry, and your management team is well respected with many leaders having grown together with you.

What is next? How will you make your next big challenge even more successful?
We work together with you and your select groups to transition towards a larger organization, while protecting what is unique and made you successful from day one.

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You are a DJIA, NASDAQ, FTSE, DAX, HSI, or SSE leader for example. Frequently you are number one or number two globally.

Your Strategy has been well charted, and well respected by your biggest shareholders, peers, and investment analysts. You may be facing questions of disruption, or simply a desire to formulate and execute more effectively on Strategy.

We work with you to develop, reframe, assess subjects including ROIC, Sustainability, and Bold Growth while helping you to build bench strength in the most important markets.
All while developing a risk management plan that protects your growth even during the most turbulent moments.

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Private Equity

You have portfolio companies you want to improve. You have new platform ideas you want to develop.

We work together with your partners (both GP and operating), as well as the leaders of your portfolio to identify the strategies for profitable growth, develop the capabilities required for success, and create a common strategic platform and language that can be used.

Your portfolio works with us to develop clear profitability targets and investment plans that deliver on your timeframes and exit goals.

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