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Introducing the new way to work together YOU have been asking for

We are all learning new ways to work together, to collaborate, and create value.

One of the biggest challenges Tim and I have looked at over the years working together is how we can better serve our clients evolving needs.

Today we are testing a new service, and the trials have had very positive feedback from leaders like you around the world.

Thinking Dimensions' new virtual strategy consulting has helped me simplify the decision making process, align priorities to drive market growth and dial in to why we are winning.  This change in thought process has produced an immediate impact on our people and financial performance.
Cody Marks | Area Vice President
CorVel Corporation |

You can access our thinking individually, or in teams, for as little as 45 minutes per month. The discussion can be structured and prepared to resolve a specific issue, or more general and confront long term Strategic outlooks.

As opposed to a long contractual agreement, or a specific project timeline- we can set this up on a monthly, six month, or annual term- which can be paid by corporate credit card or direct transfer as you prefer, simplifying the accounting process, and eliminating the administration red tape.

The top leaders we have been working with on this are using the service to discuss new venture ideas, their Strategy and the future, how to better work with their boards, shifts in their Industry, M&A, and capabilities development for example. Some people are also using this new approach to consider their future career decisions, the options for their companies, and how succession may look.

Think of this as your expert competitive advantage that can help to speed up the Big Decisions you want to execute on.

Interested to learn more? You can book here, with a direct calendar link that allows you to choose a time that works for you. We can connect by Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, WeChat, or Skype as you prefer.

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