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Over the years of process consulting, we have developed and continue to develop material including books, videos, and blogs. Scroll down to see just a little bit of what we have to offer. 


Our Books

Managing Beyond the Ordinary 

by Chuck Kepner &
 Hirotsugu Iikubo

Managing Beyond the Ordinary

Filled with dozens of instructive, real-life stories and how-to-do-it checklists, the book outlines 10 essential "tasks" that managers must undertake to achieve superior results. 


Solve "IT"

by Chuck KepnerMatthys J. Fourie,
Andrew Sauter

Solve IT

"SOLVE IT" provides you with the structure, process and questions on how to approach any incident and increases your success and confidence level beyond all expectations! 



Why Decisions Fail

by Tim Lewko &
Scott Newton

Why Decisions Fail Ebook

Quality Information Generation

by Mat-thys Fourie

Quality Information Generation

Managing Projects

by Mat-thys Fourie

Managing Projects

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Our Videos

This is just a little teaser with our problem solving experts. We have a lot more where this came from and we'll be debuting it soon in our Certified Training Affiliate program. 

Our Workshops

Global workshops for IT Professionals and Project Managers to learn how to analyze  and solve any type of incident or rescue any project.


This workshop will teach you how to approach any INCIDENT or PROBLEM in such a way that you and your team would be able to solve it quickly, accurately and permanently. You will have a structured, repeatable process and common process with a suite of questions to help you to get to the bottom of an incident effectively.

The itRCA workshop will cover the following important aspects:

  • How to State the correct FAULT and OBJECT
  • How to select the correct Information Sources
  • How to FRAME the incident accurately
  • How to TEST probable causes on paper and VERIFY the most probable cause
  • How to correctly identify the TECHNICAL and ROOT Causes

Project Rescue

This 3-Day workshop is designed for Project Managers, SME’s and staff involved or participating in projects. It will help save a current project from imminent failure and ensure ultimate success using the KEPNERandFOURIETM tools for effective problem solving.  

Learn a practical set of tools, techniques and processes to effectively find the reasons for project overruns and the most innovative solution to get the project “back on track”.

Participants will learn how to identify the reasons for overruns and other problem situations then implement the most appropriate and cost effective actions to resolve them and avoid future occurrences.

This is not another Project Management workshop, but a workshop in how to troubleshoot projects successfully.

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