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Thinking Dimensions Global was brought on board because we needed a common approach to strategy that was practical, decision based and integrated financials.

 F. Nicholas (Nick) Grasberger, President and Chief Executive Officer at Harsco Corporation (NYSE:HSC)



Make Critical Choices to Define Your Company's Purpose, Path and Profit


Use Your Strategy to Build and Invest in the Right Capabilities  


Find out WHY You're Winning or Losing and Make the Right Course Corrections

Learn How We Equip CEOs to Maximize EBITDA

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We help CEOs drive better results through repeatable decision making processes. Our proprietary methods fix gaps blocking your potential to maximize EBITDA.
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Stuart Crainer, Thinkers50 Co-Founder, interviews Tim Lewko, CEO of Thinking Dimensions Global

What Makes Our Strategy Approach Better?

We embed a simple repeatable decision making system to unlock higher EBITDA

We don't prescribe answers in reports. We are not academics.



Our Tools and Expertise:

Simplify strategic priortities that accelerate quality decisions.



Our Tools and Expertise….

Pinpoint trade-offs that accelerate profitability and build advantage.



Our Tools and Expertise….

Enable business leaders to author strategy and be held accountable for results.



Our Tools and Expertise….

Uncover data gaps and enable leaders to become better aligned.

Your Strategy Delivered The Process Way

Not every CEO wants a process approach to strategy but for those that do, we offer three services to match our approach to your needs.



1. TDG System

We work together with your leadership and management teams to develop a comprehensive  strategy setting the future purpose and path of your organization. The TDG Strategy System becomes your tool kit to deliver results.

Typical engagement: 4-6 months

2. TDG Fast

When you need to make critical directional decisions in a shorter time frame- we work together with your leadership team to develop a compressed strategic approach that meets your requirements.

Typical engagement: 6 wks to 3 months

3. TDG Advisory

We work with CEOs and top leaders on critical initiatives through consistent monthly touch points and worksessions  Our advisory approach minimizes meetings allows us to be up to date on the known or emerging needs of the business.

Typical engagement: 6-12 Months

Let's Discuss Your Strategy

"Working with Thinking Dimensions, the International Copper Association developed a 'clean sheet' approach to its strategy.  The strategic process employed by Thinking Dimensions was instrumental in a successful restructure of our global operations.  It is not an easy quick-fix process, you are challenged to address fundamental strategic issues, but in the end, the financial and stakeholder goals have been achieved."

John Holland
CEO | International Copper Association, NYC



Why Us?

We have a 50 year expertise base working globally on Making Big Decisions Better. Over 90% of the clients we work with realize the strategic and financial goals they set.

We know that strategy is decision making and it must be kept practical to be used by the organization.

We may not yet be a household name but we’re working on it.


What is the time and investment?

We don’t bill by the hour: That is a conflict of interest that causes people to count hours rather than deliver results. We offer flexible value based fees in line with the size, budgets, and needs of your organization.

The timing for engagements ranges from singular sessions to long term retainer engagements which enable us to work with you on consistently delivering results.


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