Operational Problem Solving
Using RCA
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Root Cause Problem Solving & Decision Making

Core Solutions To Effectively Resolve Operational Problems

Thought Leadership

Problem Solving & Decision Making. Solve Problems, Create Solutions, Determine Priority, & Plan For Risk through collaborative efforts. 

Root Cause Analysis

Build Reliability in Problem Identification. Engage in Technical Troubleshooting, Safety Investigations - Resolve Transactional and People Problems.

Solution Creation

Create & Incorporate High Impact Operations Solutions and overcome standard Opex and Capex Decisions.


Risk Mitigation

Create and Evaluate Plans for Risk Mitigation in your organization.


Find The Root Cause, Develop Solutions & Effectively Manage Risk

From order entry to paid invoice, people and process issues arise that negate the full potential of all production systems. 

Expeditious resolution of issues not only saves time, money and resources, it differentiates the competitive advantage between companies. 


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About Operational Problem Solving Solutions 

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Root Cause Analysis

Investigate excessive breakdowns, downtime and poor turnaround times to find the root cause and minimize future incidents. Our Technical Thought Leadership technology can be implemented to add value to your work processes and actions

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Solution Creation

The KEPNERandFOURIE methodology serves to equip technical leaders with effective, systematic techniques of information gathering and an innovative analysis that will enable them to create the best solution for any situation.

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Risk Mitigation

We employ a specific technique in the CAUSE and EFFECT principle to derive at feasible, cost effective and implementable avoiding actions and ultimately an executable Risk Management Plan. Our solutions help mitigate future risk.

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"Thinking Dimensions LLC was awarded the Medallion of Excellence for its contribution to the fleet by  the Commander of U.S. Naval Sea Systems in 2012.  This is the first time the award has been presented to an outside organization."



Why Us?

We have over 50 years of experience helping companies effectively manage the capacity of their value chain throughput to position themselves to grow markets, increase profits, and capture the competitive advantage. 

We put the power in your hands by giving you the tools to think critically, find the root cause, and improve your processes. 


What is the time and investment?

We don’t bill by the hour: That is a conflict of interest that causes people to count hours rather than deliver results. We offer flexible value based fees in line with the size, budgets, and needs of your organization.

The timing for engagements ranges from singular sessions to long term retainer engagements which enable us to work with you on consistently delivering results.

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