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Critical thinking is foundational to better performance.

KandF™ Critical Thinking tools were developed on the backs of our founders’  - Dr. Chuck Kepner and Dr. Mat-thys Fourie -  120+ years of real world experience from shop floors to boardrooms. We know what works, how to deliver measurable results and transfer or facilitate our expertise to you.

Critical Thinking is about collecting relevant information, asking the right questions, and separating facts from false assumptions to resolve issues blocking performance.

Having a common approach to collect, organize, analyze, and determine the best action always leads to better outcomes.

Without a common approach to critical thinking people tend to::

  • jump to cause
  • debate alternatives
  • overlook risk
  • suffer from data overload
  • waste scarce time, money and resources

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KandF™ critical thinking tools can be explained on one hand and are 5 essential tools you need to be a better critical thinker.  This will empower you to:

  • solve problems faster
  • focus resources on the right priorities
  • clarify ambiguous situations
  • make better decisions
  • prevent or mitigate risk  
 They are the means to real results and that's why we are passionate to equip and share them with the world.


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WHY KandF™ Works

  • Timeless: find cause, make decisions and mitigate risk – foundational thinking for results that’s not a fad 
  • Question Based: created from practical, repeatable and universal questions that can be used anywhere, in any language, in any medium
  • Data Driven: sort relevant from irrelevant data which gets you to focused action faster
  • Enables Collaboration: create a common language that connects the right information with the right people
  • Makes Thinking Visible: not everyone has the same thinking styles, our tools foster intuitive, rational and creative perspectives

Thousands of managers and executives worldwide, across all industries and company sizes are using our tools to do more, be more and set themselves apart from the competition. You can too.

"Utilizing the tools from our training have been invaluable and are helping us shape and develop our teams to focus on the right critical thinking and strategies to dominate our industry."


Sally B.

Recent K&F Attendee

"Thinking Dimensions LLC was awarded the Medallion of Excellence for its contribution to the fleet by the Commander of U.S. Naval Sea Systems in 2012. This is the first time the award has been presented to an outside organization."



"Thinking Dimensions Global was brought on board because we needed a common approach to strategy that was practical, decision based and integrated financials."


F. Nicholas (Nick) Grasberger

President and CEO | Harsco Corporation