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We offer three joint accountability options to help you achieve pre-determined improvement outputs.

Transferring Skills to You

Consulting & Facilitation Coaching

Building Sustainable Support Systems

With you, we design the best way to impart our proprietary skills to your staff. This could be for basic up to highly expert skill levels. This will empower your SMEs to conduct incident & problem investigations and find solutions to seemingly unsolvable situations.

We will work alongside your subject matter experts to collectively arrive at a mutually agreed solution and implementation plan that will resolve any issue or challenge. We will bring the process expertise and you will bring the content knowledge./span>

No initiative of this nature or implementation plan yields payback unless it is used by the teams to guide their investigations & decisions. We work with your teams to guide how best to use our tools, so it becomes second nature.


IT Service Management

Solving Issues “First time every Time”

“We cannot fix effects, but we can fix causes.” This statement has a direct bearing on how your IT staff are going to solve issues and challenges. Incident investigation and resolution are the root to resolving the correct causes. This will directly influence your ability to resolve an incident quickly, accurately and permanently.


Our IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT suite of services includes the following:

RAPID Incident Restoration

PM Root Cause Analysis


Design4™ Thinking

(1-day) - Reach incident restoration within five questions – Learn how to use the appropriate “Object” & “Fault” drill to arrive at a quick and accurate service restoration. This is the first component of our popular itRCA™ 2-day workshop. Click here for more information.

(1-day) - Use a systematic template driven thinking approach to get the whole team to agree on the incident root cause to be removed, first time every time. This is the second component of our popular itRCA™ 2-day workshop. Click here for more information.

(IT Root Cause Analysis – 2 days) – Find both the Technical & Root Cause quickly, accurately and permanently. Use this systematic and repeatable process with the correct SME information sources to recover service first time every time. Click here for more information.

(2-days) - Use a highly collaborative approach with appropriate SME stakeholders to arrive at a new solution for both “old” and “new” challenges. The templates and worked questions makes this an effortless thinking approach. Click here for more information.

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FreeZone™ Design Thinking

Improving Design Solution Performance with the KEPNERandFOURIE™ FreeZone(TM) Design Thinking methodology.

You will learn how to use these Design Thinking Skills for immediate application in your workplace;

  • Assess the current problem situation and design requirements accurately
  • Align SME Stakeholder design requirements through virtual templates
  • Develop Ideas and Possibilities through the use of structured templates and techniques
  • Systematically combine and mature ideas into probable design solutions
  • Proper viability evaluations through Risk/Benefit & Cost/Benefit Analyses exercises
  • Effective collaboration skills and techniques will be imparted to leverage valuable inputs from all participants


Participants works through a practical simulation, workshop case study and own job applications in three facilitated exercise rounds.

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IT CSI Application Consulting

Do More With Less & Reduce Costs by Eliminating Downtime & Rework Practices!

DOWNTIME and REWORK are the visible manifestation of the system & resource inefficiencies and ever increasing costs, causing high levels of frustration. Unless we embed certain tools/templates with "rules of Engagement" we would not achieve sustained application practices.

What do we do that is different? We use on-job coaching with key staff members on how to use the templates most effectively. We are also insanely focused on the relevant detail of incidents and problems, because the “devil lies in the detail.” We drive “specificity” in order for everyone to get to the bottom of the issue. We are “hell-bound” on fixing the causes rather than living and dealing with effects over and over. We empower IT staff to solve incidents and problems at source.

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IT CSI Project Rescue™

Management Tools to Find Underlying Causes & Fix the Project.

More than 50% of projects fail. The largest contributing factor to this appalling failure rate is the inability of project team members to identify and solve the causes of project deviations.

We are laser focused on the “underlying reasons” why the project got out of control in the first place. Our emphasis is on removing causes that are normally hidden from the team. We train project staff how to solve project challenges and not to accept anything that seems to be “beyond their control”.

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Leverage Resident Intelligence to Combat Cyber Security Threats!

"Only when you apply your best thinking and resources to the cybersecurity challenge will you be able to sleep at night." Vulnerabilities are evolving all the time and this makes it critical to have eyes on all your existing and potential vulnerabilities. This means you need to engage and leverage staff abilities on a continual basis and this means “minute by minute.”

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“KEPNERandFOURIE tools have helped us to substantially improve our project lead time by providing the missing link for us in resolving special cause problems by leveraging systematic critical thinking. These are the tools and methodologies that Black Belts and Green Belts cannot afford to go without.”


Don Lynch

Master Black Belt / SKF USA

"I know the stuff works, because once we get a problem solving team together we normally have the answer (technical cause) within 90 minutes. The KEPNERandFOURIE methodologies are now fundamental in our approach to all incident and problem investigations. We have reduced our 'error unknown' list by at least 64%."


Liam Edwards

Former Executive Director-Infrastructure Services / Macquarie Investment Bank

“Our Recovery Team acquired the specially enhanced skills of how to get the most accurate Incident Statement through the use of their 'object' & 'fault' procedure. We embedded this into our regular questioning and this small step on its own reduced the MTR on incidents by at least 40%-60%.”


Allister McDonald

Major Incident Manager / Unisys

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