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The right tools can take you to the next level. 

Build Your Tool Box

Critical thinking is an essential skill set for success in the workplace. If you don't have a proven set in your toolbox it's time to get one.  Even if you have already mastered one or more of the commonly recognized tools such as  Six Sigma, LEAN, KaizanDesign Thinking, TQM, Business Model Canvas or Agile - KandF™ Critical Thinking Tools are essential and complementary to complete your toolbox.

6 Trends Reshaping the Workplace - and how our tools fit

  • CONNECTIVITY AND CONVERGENCE - a person averages 304 emails each day. KANDF™ helps you build prioritization and time management skills in multiple learning platforms 
  • RAPID WORKPLACE  - only 24 minutes per week are given for training to the average employee.sssss KAND offers flexible ways for you to upskill yourself and team
  • GLOBALIZATION- 24/7 connectivity with cross-cultural communication a necessity toay.  KANDF creates a common language of critical thinking and enhances your ability to collaborate
  • INCREASED COMPETITION FOR ATTENTION  - a person on average face 56 interruptions a day. KANDF offer multiple format for short burst learning and application on your issues in real time
  • COMPLEXITY - 90% of all the world data has been created in the last two years -                    KANDF tools enhance your logic, analytic and decision making skills helping you quickly separate relevant from irrelevant 


KandF™ Critical Thinking Tools Are Made to Set you Apart

Position yourself to exploit these trends and perform at a higher level in the workplace by adding our proven suite critical thinking tools called ThinkingWorks  -a powerful set of critical thinking tools that include:

  • CauseWise  - find root cause
  • PriorityWise- quickly set priorities
  • ThinkingWise- clarify complexity
  • SolutionWise- make better decisions
  • RiskWise - prevent and mitigate risk

KandF™ Critical Thinking Learning Formats

Client-Site Work Sessions
Public Workshops
Podcasts & Webinars
Learning Management System
Rapid Resolution Tools
ThinkingWorks Canvas

Benefits You Get When You Learn and Use KandF™ Critical Thinking Tools 

  • Generate innovative ideas 
  • Foster teamwork
  • Promote options and creativity
  • Enhance communication
  • Increase your speed to resolve issues
  • Integrate differing viewpoints more quickly
  • Have a go-to set of tools for root cause, priority setting, clarification, decisions and risk

Best of all - it's a proven set of transportable tools easily explained on one hand!

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ThinkingWorks Canvas

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