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We assist business managers and operations leaders to resolve problems, determine solutions and implement corrective actions, ensuring stable operations

Find The Root Cause, Develop Solutions & Effectively Manage Risk


From order entry to paid invoice, people and process issues arise that negate the full potential of all production systems.

Expeditious resolution of issues not only saves time, money and resources, it differentiates the competitive advantage between companies.


Thought Leadership

Common Thinking Process --> Common Behaviour --> Common Culture

Solve problems

Create and Decide Solutions

Priority Actions First

Plan for Risk


Eliminate unproductive trial and error practices by “jumping to conclusions about causes of problems” and fixes.

Many a solution is implemented and fails, resulting in a lot of re-planning of the solution, delaying the benefits that can be derived from it. Lack of stakeholder input and support is a key issue when deciding business solutions.

Many a time all staff are extremely busy, yet it is clear that business is not moving forward. Clients wait and complain, fire fighting is the order of the day, it feels as if no progress is made.

Thinking in to the future and what may happen, is not a natural thinking pattern for all. People are focussing on what is happening currently and working to deal with actions required now.

Human nature is often competitive, intra business this behaviour may cause “silositus” and a lack of co-operation between stakeholders in a value chain.

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Effective Root Cause Analysis

Ensure that plant, equipment, process and product perform as intended.


Technical Trouble Shooting

Safety Investigation

Transactional and People Problems

We focus on empowering operations leaders in order that they are able to ensure that the root causes of events reducing the usefulness of an operation, equipment or product, is addressed ensuring that it is not prematurely affected.

Multitudes of small, yet significant events, occur daily in operations, degrading performance and causing frustration.

A fundamental cornerstone of any operations system is the ability to investigate incidents, whether actual or a near miss, effectively and in good time.

Collaboration is a key ingredient to align stakeholders for the analysis and resolution of problems in a transactional environment.

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Decide High Impact Solutions

Fine Tune Solution Thinking in to a Program of Action

Create Operational Solutions

Capex and Opex Decision Making

Shop Floor Projects

In today’s information rich environment, ideas for operations solutions abound. Working with and selecting a solution alternative can often be challenging.

Long term business viability often do not win the day when Opex and Capex decisions are made. Vigorous debate that is centered around financial components may, for good reason, dominate.

Production environment Maintenance and Upgrade projects many a time causes havoc.

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Risk Mitigation

Take Action to Change the Future

Prevent Recurrence of Incidents

Evaluate Plans for Risk

It is reassuring in operations when the probability of a negative event occurring, is limited. People, however, mostly work as if a negative future event has no probability of occurrence.

Deadlines for maintenance and other plans, and specifically estimated maintenance time are very often understated, resulting in project scope and resource requirement changes.

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"The KEPNERandFOURIE RCA is a powerful process that helps us think through and resolve problems in a structured and visible manner. I strongly endorse this training. Significantly, it helps our Green and Black belts to implement their Lean Six Sigma initiatives.”


Doug Smith

Former Dean of / NAVSEA L6S College

“Our Recovery Team acquired the specially enhanced skills of how to get the most accurate Incident Statement through the use of their 'object' & 'fault' procedure. We embedded this into our regular questioning and this small step on its own reduced the MTR on incidents by at least 40%-60%.”


Allister McDonald

Major Incident Manager / Unisys

"Thinking Dimensions LLC was awarded the Medallion of Excellence for its contribution to the fleet by the Commander of U.S. Naval Sea Systems in 2012. This is the first time the award has been presented to an outside organization."