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Are you investing in capabilities to make it easier for customers to work with you?

Posted by Rachael Harding on Apr 16, 2012 4:22:00 PM

Quick Thought for Monday Morning

How difficult is it for a customer to do business with your organization?

I came across a very simple example recently in Dubai, Red Tomato Pizza, which has begun distributing a fridge magnet to their best customers; at the push of a button the device automatically orders a pizza and has it delivered to a preset address.  The technology itself is very simple:

A simple electronic device (negligible cost) embedded in an attractive fridge magnet which links to the bluetooth of the customers mobile phone and triggers an automatic message to be sent to the data ordering centre of Red Tomato Pizza

What a simple idea- and a great capability to invest in- customers of Red Tomato Pizza can literally now order the products they want delivered to their home or office by simply pushing a button.  The idea proved so popular that the initial stock of Fridge magnets sold out in less than two weeks.  If you are curious you can visit the company here:

While the concept is relatively easy to implement for a group of restaurants in one physical location- the thought of the day particularly for our B2B readers and consortium leaders- “How easy is it for a customer to conduct business with your organization?”.  In review of the investments you are making to build and enhance strategic capabilities for the future- it may serve to ask- “Are we creating the ‘pizza button’ for our products and services?”

This quick thought for Monday morning was authored by Scott Newton, Partner, Thinking Dimensions