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Using AI to solve the toughest challenges in Sustainability

Posted by Scott Newton on Feb 16, 2024 10:32:02 AM

MINING: 40 million direct employees representing 1% of the total world's workforce


Compound Annual Growth rate of 6.5%


250 million indirect employees and another 13 million involved in "artisanal small-scale mining."  70 billion tonnes of raw materials are forecast to be extracted by 2030, up from 45 billion in 2010.


The mining market will grow this year to USD 2276.8 Billion and is forecast to reach USD 2826 Billion in 2028. Governments are providing significant subsidies and encouraging FDI in the mining industry around the world from India to Indonesia and the USA. National Resource Canada reported that Canadian mineral production is growing more than 20% per year in this decade and the demand for minerals and metals has never been higher.


Meanwhile, The revenues of the top 40 global mining companies reported a record USD 943 billion in revenues for 2022 alone, and while China is the top mining country for many commodities including high demand "rare earths" and Gold, new countries are gaining all the time. This is truly a global business: Four of the world's ten leading mining companies based on revenues are based in the UK and three in China. BHP group in Australia reports a market cap of AUD 239.6 billion today.


The transformation of energy and mobility industries has led to surging demand for metals with nickel alone increasing a whopping 900% forecast in the next four years. How can we possibly make this sustainable?


Thinking Dimensions Managing Partner Scott Newton hosted a special LinkedIN LIVE together with global sustainability AI expert Anastasia Kuskova, CEO and co-founder at Sirius, to discuss the following:


  • How Machine Learning can be used to scale business and better serve your clients


  • Specifically how AI in mining is leveraging big data to reduce Scope 3 emissions


  • Leading and scaling a bold growth Techstars accelerated company as a Female Founder and CEO (and celebrating their recent oversubscribed VC funding round!)


  • Taking Better Decisions and driving high-impact savings with Sustainability in one of the largest industries in the world


Anastasia has been recognized as one of the top 50 talents in the Netherlands for 2024,  in addition top women in AI for Impact in the Netherlands, is the former Head of Sustainability at the Eurasian Resources Group, and was a Deputy to the Governor in the Mining and Metals Industry group of the World Economic Forum.

Interested to learn more? The entire in-depth interactive video interview is available for complimentary streaming here