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Unlocking Bold Growth

Strategies for the Future with Thinking Dimensions Managing Partner Scott Newton

In this engaging episode of a LinkedIn live series, host Hannah Ajikawo, CEO and founder of Revenue Funnel, teams up with Scott Newton, a seasoned management consultant, to explore innovative strategies for revenue leaders and go-to-market teams aiming for bold growth in the coming quarter.

With insightful discussion around common mistakes companies make and the power of focusing on customer needs, experimentation, and sustainable technology use, this session also dives into the importance of strategic execution and making impactful decisions for future success in a go to market strategy.

Scott shares his global experience and wisdom on creating value for organizations and their customers, emphasizing the crucial role of understanding and serving customer unmet needs beyond mere sales functions.

This episode is a must-watch for B2B tech companies and executives seeking to deepen their strategic approach and ensure meaningful growth with a competitive go to market strategy. 00:00 Welcome to the Go-To Market Strategy Deep Dive

01:08 Introducing Scott Newton: A Marvel of Go-To Market Strategy

03:52 The Essence of Bold Growth and Customer Delight

09:24 Demystifying Strategy and Go-To Market Synergies

14:00 The Power of Experimentation in Unlocking Growth

19:33 Customer-Centric Approaches to Innovation and Growth

22:31 Rethinking Customer Engagement and NPS Scores

23:37 The Power of Listening to Customers and Competitors

24:53 Unlocking Growth Through Customer Understanding

25:22 The Importance of Execution in Strategy

26:24 Focusing on Core Strengths and Saying No

36:29 Leveraging Technology for Sustainable Impact

40:47 Strategic Planning for Future Success

How is your Go To Market approach driving your Strategy for Bold Growth?

Strategy is Mastery.