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How You can Use Simulations to Improve Your Strategy Today

Posted by Scott Newton on Aug 8, 2020 5:30:00 AM

What are some innovative techniques you can use to improve your Strategy today?

Simulations- sometimes referred to as "gamification" provide an excellent tool to accelerate and clarify thinking within your teams from Board Level through to Management.

You may be asking what you can do to enhance your Strategic thinking capabilities throughout the firm. You may be like some CEO and Board Members I am speaking with who are looking for new ways to challenge organizational norms and open up to external thinking.

One tool I have found to be exceptionally effective is the use of facilitated Simulations integrated into the formulation and execution processes. 

Scott Newton Managing Partner Facilitating Transformation Simulation in the Age of COVID19

Simulation in the age of Social Distancing. Note- it is also possible to run effective online simulations through Zoom, Teams, and MIRO for example

"The Simulation enables Management to exit from their stereotypical thinking and engage in a new process for approaching Strategic challenges. Unlike a powerpoint or "post it note" workshops, this change opens the possibilities for new business models and realization of Industry Shifts" 

Simulation and Gamification improve the quality and speed of your Strategy


When you are approaching Digital Transformation, the biggest challenge is aligning your people together with external stakeholders in a concise understanding of what is the overall goal. The organization is changing, and the roles of people, the importance of technology, and the way you interact with customers shift as well. A well run simulation is an excellent jump start I find towards achieving long term goals.

Together with our partner Strategy Tools, we deliver simulations as part of an integrated Strategy and Transformation programme in multiple languages and in 18 countries and territories. We also work together with MBA, EMBA, MIF, MIM, and Executive Education groups to insert this thinking technology in the context of Digital Transformation and change management.

Collaboration, partnerships, and new ways of working and thinking are key to shifting the way decisions are made and executed on in the firm. I encourage you to connect with me for a conversation on how we can make this happen in your company- either in person, at distance, and with new digital technologies which bring us closer together even when we are physically further apart.

Whether you want to engage with your board, management, or as part of an Executive Education programme, there are new ways of thinking and tools you can use right now to increase both the effectiveness and efficiency in your Strategic execution. It does not have to be boring.


Scott Newton, Managing Partner, Strategy