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How impactful was your last meeting?

If the answer was “less than I would have liked,” here are some actions to bring out your best self (and make your meetings more effective):

★ Articulate Your Ambition Carefully.
★ Decide What Roles You Want to Play.
★ Work Out Your Most Distinctive Contribution
★ Use Signals Wisely.
★ Manage Yourself in the Moment.

Becoming more strategic in meetings is not about being self-absorbed or ultra-competitive.

This is about being more intentional with your actions - and therefore be more likely to bring your best self to the discussion.

“Be careful not to play multiple roles at the same time, otherwise you risk confusing and disenfranchising others,” says Scott Newton, Managing Partner at Thinking Dimensions

What do you find makes your meetings more effective?

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Thanks to David Lancefield for this insightful article with practical steps we can all take today for better meetings.

“Stop wasting people’s time with meetings”