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Problem Solving for ITIL

DESIGN4™ THINKING is all about being super creative when given the correct tools and guidelines. Your organizational teams would have the ability to develop unique solutions to unique problem situations. This is possible by putting the following two factors in place:

  • PROCESS – The secret of innovation is in the structure of the thinking approach. The process will guide the diverse group through tested ideation activities to enable them to collectively arrive at a fully supported solution.
  • PEOPLE – A homogenous group will provide a one-dimensional solution. You need different people from different areas to provide a holistic assessment of the problem to enable them to leverage a unique solution.

This is accomplished through the use of templates and questions that will challenge the team to leverage what they already know and how to use that to arrive at innovative new ideas. The “margin of excellence” however, is found in the problem solver who understands the usefulness of structure in extracting innovative ideas.

We will demonstrate, learn and apply these tools/templates with its unique questions during a two-day intensive workshop and address familiar challenges for today’s time pressured environments.

Anticipated OutputsWhat you would acquire in 2 days!

  • The realization that even SEEMINGLY UNSOLVABLE problems have an answer and it is normally right in front of us!
  • A well-documented, USER FRIENDLY AND STRUCTURED INNOVATION PROCESS, if followed correctly, would provide you with successful and worthwhile design solutions.
  • Ideation techniques that provide innovative ideas regardless of level of intelligence and prior innovation/creativity experiences.
  • The absolute importance of asking structured pre-prepared questions to get a diverse group to contribute effectively and avoid getting “bogged down” at any stage of the process.
  • The understanding that there is a major difference between “CREATIVITY/IDEATION & “INNOVATION” and that this single fact is the difference between success and failure. This will ensure your team will arrive at a new design solution every time.
  • Re-useable templates, question cards and a documented process that would empower staff members to use it independently.

Contents: Utilize the KandF™ processes and templates to:

  • Identify the problem situation correctly in order to develop a successful Design Statement.
  • Perform an effective Stakeholder Analysis & Alignment to ensure a truly diverse SME team who bought into the design requirements for this solution.
  • Use tested IDEATION techniques to generate innovative ideas.
  • Evaluate all ideas against a vetted set of key design requirements to arrive at the most promising possibilities.
  • Finally construct the new design on paper ready to be tested against the “real life” situation and design requirements.
  • Test and modify the probable options to arrive at the best option.

United States

Los Angeles, CA
  • 19th-20th Aug, 2019
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  • 19th-20th Aug, 2019
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Australia / New Zealand

  • 21st-22nd Aug, 2019
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South Africa

South Africa
  • 20th-21st Aug, 2019
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  • 10th-11th Sept, 2019
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