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“We cannot fix effects, but we can fix causes.” This statement has a direct bearing on how your IT staff are going to solve issues and challenges. Incident investigation and resolution are the root to resolving the correct causes. This will directly influence your ability to resolve an incident quickly, accurately and permanently.

Restore Service

Incident Management


Our focus is to utilize minimal but relevant factual data; identify business impact and restoration requirements. These requirements are then used to design a restoration solution to bring service back up.

The restoration is dependent on how effective the incident investigation team is arriving at technical reasons and how to address them.

Having a systematic proven process will help your team determine a quick, accurate and effective restoration.

Technical Cause

Problem Management


The technical cause is a “physical event in time” that causes the incident. You must find the underlying reason why the “technical cause” occurred in the first place before you can determine a root cause. 

The root cause is a “condition that exists” that facilitates, causes, promotes, allows a technical failure to happen? 

Unless you understand this relationship it will be difficult to determine the correct root cause of any problem.  

Root Cause

IT Root Cause Analysis


The focus for Incident and Problem Investigation is greatly complemented, enhanced and strengthened if the support staff know what to look for to help the investigators get to an effective answer quickly and accurately.

Educating your IT Staff in the proper use of a systematic, investigative problem solving strategy will ensure that incidents and problems are addressed at source.

This will reduce recurring and normal incidents significantly. 


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"I know the stuff works, because once we get a problem solving team together we normally have the answer (technical cause) within 90 minutes. The KEPNERandFOURIE methodologies are now fundamental in our approach to all incident and problem investigations. We have reduced our 'error unknown' list by at least 64%."

Liam Edwards

Former Executive Director-Infrastructure Services | Macquarie Investment Bank

Not every IT shop has the capabilities, time or money to start & finish this journey. We offer three “joint accountability” service options to help you achieve pre-determined improvement outputs.

Transferring Skills to You

With you, we design the best way to impart our proprietary skills to your staff. This could be for basic up to highly expert skill levels. This will empower your SMEs to conduct incident & problem investigations and find solutions to seemingly unsolvable situations.

Consulting & Facilitation Coaching

We will work alongside your subject matter experts to collectively arrive at a mutually agreed solution and implementation plan that will resolve any issue or challenge. We will bring the process expertise and you will bring the content knowledge.

Building Sustainable Support Systems

No initiative of this nature or implementation plan yields payback unless it is used by the teams to guide their investigations & decisions. We work with your teams to guide how best to use our tools, so it becomes second nature.

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