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Management Tools to Find Underlying Causes & Fix the Project.

More than 50% of projects fail. The largest contributing factor to this appalling failure rate is the inability of project team members to identify and solve the causes of project deviations. WHAT DO WE DO THAT IS DIFFERENT?

We are laser focused on the “underlying reasons” why the project got out of control in the first place. Our emphasis is on removing causes that are normally hidden from the team. We train project staff how to solve project challenges and not to accept anything that seems to be “beyond their control”. 

Reducing Escalations

Project Rescue™ Training

Project management is not the same as “managing projects.” In 80% of project failures, most issues are effects being caused by only a few factors.

Increase stakeholder buy-in and commitment through the improved alignment of these same stakeholders and their expectations of project deliverables.

This is achieved with proprietary tools to orchestrate a complete alignment of project expectations and deliverables as understood by all stakeholders.

Improve resources utilization through improved accountability practices. Ensure that the principle of self-responsibility is understood and bought-in by all.

Clarify RACI components by improving raci definitions and use at all times during the project life cycle. This will promote the optimal use of critical resource requirements throughout the project life cycle.

Eliminate Rollbacks

PMO Consulting Services 

We provide help and assistance in at least three distinct areas of Project Management:


A PIR correctly executed could be a major area for improving the execution of all future projects. TDG is the objective 3rd party identifying “blind spots” and underlying causes why a specific project was not optimally executed.


A Project can “hit a wall” at any time during its life cycle. TDG will assess and present underlying reasons for what is happening and suggest ways to overcome these obstacles. Project professionals are sometimes incorrectly influenced by EFFECTS and it is often a matter of refocusing them.


In some extraordinary cases, Management might suspect that the Company Project Practices are not conducive for successful execution of projects. TDG will do an assessment and make suggestions for improvement.

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“KEPNERandFOURIE tools have helped us to substantially improve our project lead time by providing the missing link for us in resolving special cause problems by leveraging systematic critical thinking.  These are the tools and methodologies that Black Belts and Green Belts cannot afford to go without.”

Don Lynch

Master Black Belt | SKF USA

Not every PMO or Project Division has the capabilities, time or money to start & finish this journey. We offer three “joint accountability” service options to help you achieve pre-determined improvement outputs.

Transferring Skills to You

With you, we design the best way to impart our proprietary skills to your staff. This would be for basic up to highly expert skills levels empowering them to do incident & problem investigations and find solutions to seemingly unsolvable situations.

Consulting & Facilitation Coaching

We work alongside your subject matter experts to collectively arrive at a mutually agreed answer and implementation plan that would resolve any issue or challenge. We bring the process expertise and you bring the content knowledge.

Building Sustainable Support Systems

No initiative of this nature or implementation plan yields payback unless it is used by the teams to guide their investigations & decisions. We work with your teams to guide how best to use our tools, so it becomes second nature.

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