Operational Problem Solving

Business Process Improvement & Planning
Drive Productivity Performance

We assist leadership teams and production/operations managers to find, resolve and implement production system corrective actions to maximize profitability and grow. 

What makes our approach better?

Our tested performance methodologies drive to the root-cause of production problems faster than any known approach.  Simply, our process tools work, and fast.  

Control Quality

Control Quality

Our Solutions...

Focus on ensuring quality so that unplanned waste, rejects, and other deviations are avoided. 


Boost Efficiency

Our Solutions….

Teach your team to think critically, and work effectively to eliminate recurring problems and poor decision making.

Root Cause

Find Root Cause

Our Solutions….

Investigate excessive breakdowns, downtime and poor turnaround times to find the root cause and minimize future incidents. 


Improve Processes

Our Solutions…

Take existing processes, like Lean or Six Sigma, to the next level by working with you to create the process that makes the most sense for your team. 

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We Solve BIG Problems


From order entry to paid invoice, people and process issues arise that negate the full potential of all production systems.  Expeditious resolution of issues not only saves time, money and resources, it differentiates the competitive advantage between companies. 

1. Critical Thinking

Partnering with internal company content and technical experts, our experienced consultants provide the mechanism of critical thinking that allows internal SMEs to function as “force multipliers” to solve complex and often costly problems. 

2. Production System Performance

Working together, we address "single event" issues requiring immediate resolution, design "continuous improvement" programs to fine tune and maximize production system performance, and transfer all the necessary knowledge and skills to your internal staff.  

3. ROI Results

We identify bottlenecks of key production processes, fix the root-cause, implement solutions, and track ROI results. Our clients have experienced hundreds of thousands in improved EBITDA within days or weeks of using our methodologies.

Thinking Dimensions LLC was awarded the Medallion of Excellence for its contribution to the fleet by  the Commander of U.S. Naval Sea Systems in 2012.  This is the first time the award has been presented to an outside organization.


We offer these services tailored to your unique and pressing issues


Why Us?

We have over 50 years of experience helping companies effectively manage the capacity of their value chain throughput to position themselves to grow markets, increase profits, and capture the competitive advantage. 

We put the power in your hands by giving you the tools to think critically, find the root cause, and improve your processes. 


What is the time and investment?

We don’t bill by the hour: That is a conflict of interest that causes people to count hours rather than deliver results. We offer flexible value based fees in line with the size, budgets, and needs of your organization.

The timing for engagements ranges from singular sessions to long term retainer engagements which enable us to work with you on consistently delivering results.

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