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RAPID DevOps Problem Solving

RAPID “DevOps” Problem Solving Thinking is all about being super nimble in solving unique DevOps challenges. The focus is on “Targeted Speed” dealing with soft project issues as indicated by DASA (DevOps Agile Skills Association). Your project teams would have the ability to develop unique solutions to unique project situations. This is possible by putting the following two factors in place:

  • PROCESS – The secret of nimble problem solving is in the user-friendly structure of the thinking approaches. The processes will guide the diverse group through tested “under pressure” worked questions to enable them to collectively arrive at a fully supported solution, first time every time.
  • PEOPLE – You’ll realize the potential benefits of different stakeholders and that you need different people from different areas to provide a holistic assessment of the problem to enable them to leverage a unique solution.

This is accomplished through the use of templates and questions that will challenge the team to leverage what they already know and how to use that to arrive at quick and mutually supported effective decisions. The “margin of excellence” however, is found in the problem solver who understands the usefulness of structure in extracting innovative ideas with different stakeholders. We see the “diversity” as a benefit rather than a challenge.

We will demonstrate, learn and apply these tools/templates with its unique “light/express” version during a 2-day intensive workshop.

Anticipated Outputs – What you would acquire in two days!

  • The realization that even SEEMINGLY UNSOLVABLE problems have an answer and it is normally right in front of us! Innovation on Steroids!
  • A well-documented, USER FRIENDLY AND STRUCTURED INNOVATION PROCESS, if followed correctly, would provide you with successful and worthwhile design solutions.
  • The absolute importance of asking structured pre-prepared questions to get a diverse group to contribute effectively and avoid getting “bogged down” at any stage of the process.
  • Re-useable templates, question cards and a documented process that would empower staff members to use it independently.

Contents: Utilize the KandF™ processes and templates to:

  • RAPID Priority Setter – Reach consensus quickly and effectively on anything.
  • RAPID Idea Generation – Brainstorm within minutes and identify core issues effortlessly.
  • RAPID Fault Restoration – Identify the event that triggered the fault within five questions with total stakeholder agreement.
  • RAPID Requirements Analysis - Perform an effective Stakeholder Analysis & Alignment to ensure a truly diverse SME team consensus.
  • RAPID Solution Builder – Construct a new design on paper ready to be tested against the “real life” situation and design requirements.
  • RAPID Choice Selector – Make quick choices with full understanding of inherent risks represented in your selected choice.
  • RAPID Risk Analyzer – Identify & quantify “blind spot” risks quickly and design mitigation within minutes.

Earned Certifications – Institute for Professional Problem Solvers (IPPS) & PMI

With the completion of this workshop you would qualify for 16 PDUs towards maintaining your PMP qualification. Additionally, you will also earn a “Foundation 1 Problem Solver” certificate upon completion of the on-line examination with IPPS.



Washington DC

  • 9th-10th Sept, 2019

New York

  • 11th-12th Sept, 2019

Los Angeles

  • 11th-12th Sept, 2019
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Australia / New Zealand



  •  29th-30th July, 2019


  • 31st July - 1st Aug, 2019
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United Kingdom



  • 3rd-4th Sept, 2019
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  • 7th-8th Oct, 2019
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  • 22nd-23rd July 2019
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