Combining 4 Actions Will Solve Virtually Any Problem Situation

Nov 12, 2014 5:01:36 PM

“The most effective decision in modern business today is a decision that consists of various actions implemented over a period of time.”

Making a Choice

Thirty years ago and more, the motto was to “Find the best balanced choice” between alternatives that were available off the shelf. In the Nineties that changed slightly to the very popular “hybrid or blended” decision making approach.

Creating a Solution

This typically involved looking at how you and your team could leverage the best performing parts of a few alternatives and then how to combine those aspects into a new solution. A good example was the development of “luggage on wheels” which was a combination of the old suitcase and the mobility of a trolley.

Series of Actions

How the world has changed in the late 20th century and early 21st century! Today it is difficult to find any prefabricated solution off the shelf that would satisfy the requirements of all the stakeholders in a specific decision. This is specifically true in today’s IT environment. The requirements from the various cross-silo divisions are so diverse that it would be impossible to meet all these requirements with one alternative. So the focus for looking at good decisions has changed from “alternatives” to that of “actions”.


New Breakthrough Solutions

The key is to make sure that you’ve done a thorough requirements analysis with all the relevant stakeholders and ensure you have buy-in for all the agreed requirements. Once you have your list of requirements your team needs to generate specific doable in-house actions that would meet each requirement individually. The challenge then is to find a combination of four to five actions, when combined would meet all the requirements listed.



Combining 4-5 actions solves virtually any problem situation. This approach ensures that every stakeholder’s requirements are met and in turn ensures commitment to a successful implementation of the agreed action orientated decision. Every time we do this, we arrive at an exciting and breakthrough decision that involves mostly in-house resources.

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Mat-thys Fourie

Written by Mat-thys Fourie

Washington, DC, United States | Founder & Chairman of Thinking Dimensions Global
Mr. Fourie is a thought leader on how IT professionals apply Incident Investigation techniques on a repeatable and sustainable basis within their organizations. His strength lies in customizing and embedding the various techniques within existing CSI, Incident and Problem Management practices.


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