Are Your Project Managers Good Problem Solvers?

By Mat-thys Fourie on Jun 10, 2015 5:19:15 PM

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It does not matter how good your planning is or how well you’ve put your project plan together, there will always be unforeseen circumstances that need to be resolved!

As a project manager, the problem solving process is normally started when any of the following situations arise:

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Alignment, Alignment, Alignment

By Mat-thys Fourie on Jun 3, 2015 5:38:11 PM

This is the most misunderstood concept in managing projects.

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Whenever we get involved with a team to help them to rescue their project, we quickly encounter the term “not aligned.” I mean this happens 100% of the time, which means there is always an element of misalignment. Here are a few examples:

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Scope Creep - The Biggest Excuse in Managing Projects

By Mat-thys Fourie on May 14, 2015 5:36:54 PM

How to Avoid this Pitfall

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Whenever something goes wrong in a project’s performance it is often blamed on “scope creep.” Scope creep has become such a familiar feature in project management that it is mostly accepted as the correct reason and even worse, being accepted as a fact of project life. The prevailing belief is that it cannot be helped, it is “beyond the PM’s control,” and therefore is part of the necessary evil in managing projects. Not True!!

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Get Close to Your Most Important Stakeholders

By Mat-thys Fourie on May 6, 2015 5:49:30 PM

Do you even know who they are and why they are important to you?

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It is a serious mistake to assume that all resources allocated to your project are equally motivated to see your project becoming a success. It could be possible that a critical resource does not have any insight or interest in your project whatsoever and they are one of the resources to deliver a critical component at a particular time.

There are two components important here. Firstly, you need to know who your resources are and you need to align them in an appropriate way. Secondly, you need to make sure you know who are your important resources that could make or break the success of your project. We will discuss the importance of both and what you can do to “arrange” this for your own project.

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Project Success Lies in the Details

By Mat-thys Fourie on Apr 29, 2015 5:14:00 PM

Better the devil you know than the devil you don't. 

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We normally say, “The devil lies in the detail” and that is the exact same impact if you are not being specific in what you do in project management or even more precisely when you are managing projects.

You don’t know what you don’t know is very true, especially if you are dealing with complex issues and relationships in project management. So, when managing a project you will rely heavily on factual and exact verified information, otherwise you would be doomed to failure. We suggest very specific process questions you could ask that would help you to derive explicit statements from staff, vendors and customers.

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