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4 Actions Transformational Leaders Take

Posted by Scott Newton on May 6, 2021 9:16:42 AM

Are You Tired of transformation?

You might be.

Or you may just dislike the term.

Yes, successful business transformations are rare. And our modern world has made them more necessary and urgent.

Strategic transformation involves major structural change (acquisitions, disposals, partnerships, and organizational redesign), widespread deployment of new technologies, considerable effort, and cultural change.

Success requires leaders to be wiser in what they say and do — and doing more of the same won’t cut it.

Here are four strategies to help leaders:

1. Practise new mental models

2. Work the Edges of the Organization

3. Share Leadership More Systematically

4. Make Empowerment Live Up to Its Promise

Congratulations on this powerful contribution from our Strategic Partners Christian Rangen and David Lancefield in Harvard Business Review which helps improve the chances of your transformation effort being successful.

Wonderful how they have emphasised the importance of wisdom, context and trust.

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You can access the in depth article on Harvard Business Review Here