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How to avoid being a Zombie Company

Posted by Scott Newton on Dec 3, 2020 2:47:48 PM

"I feel so disconnected from my customers! What are they thinking?"

A familiar complaint from the President, CEO, and leadership team at many companies.

"I want to get out in the field and hear what clients are feeling!"

A rallying cry from board members and Chairs around the globe.

This week I got tangled into a zombie company. (Reference to  Elvin Turner and his excellent book on this subject "Be Less Zombie."

I wanted to get my wife a gift. A new pair of shoes for walking.

It didn't quite work out as I first anticipated. 

There is an untapped resource you may not be aware of. You can use LinkedIN to talk to your customers. Real live people, not focus groups or carefully airbrushed customer "surveys." Professionals that want to buy from you, and would love to tell you what is going well and what is broken.

I hope you don't tangle with the Zombie companies, and here is to helping your company achieve their objectives.