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How to Craft Strategy and Venture Capital for Digital Transformation

Posted by Scott Newton on Nov 30, 2022 1:13:07 PM

Digital Transformation is about fundamentally changing the way your organization creates value.

The challenge in building new business models is partly generated by the resistance from the existing operations.

Managers will logically argue against the cannibalization of high margin business units in an effort to protect the current income statement.

Many great new ideas have been dismissed as they were not considered priorities.  

How can you break out of the “great idea, let’s shelve it” cycle of doom?

Linking Strategic Assumptions together with Corporate Venture Capital can provide companies with an opportunity to improve their learning, accelerate change, and experiment with new business models to better service clients in the future.

Thinking Dimensions Managing Partner Scott Newton explains in a brand new article for the Digital Transformation People is out now:

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