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How will you build your future Strategy for Bold Growth?

What does an M&A portfolio look like in 2023 and beyond for your business?

Where can you leverage new business models to better serve your stakeholders?

We are delighted to share this new Television interview with Al Cini, Joe Asumendi from CEO Chat together with Thinking Dimensions Managing Partner Scott Newton discussing:

  • New approaches for Strategy
  • Value Creation
  • How Leadership teams can prepare for the future
  • Dynamics and special considerations for Family Business and Family Office

How are you preparing your portfolio of new business models for a resilient future?

This interview dives in to detail on how leading organizations are thinking about Strategy, the approaches you can take to be more successful, and the differences and advantages of Family Business and investments by Family Office.

RVN Television ran this show live in September 2022, and this is reproduced under licence here on the Thinking Dimensions web platform.

One of the biggest challenges boards and management teams are facing today is how to take decisions in periods of volatility and disruption. Thinking Dimensions Managing Partner Scott Newton recommends you revisit your Strategy process, and develop an approach that is built to quickly respond to new information, market changes, and updated forecasts for both supply and demand.

The days of "set and forget" with Strategy are over, and through building a new innovative approach your board and management can succeed and capture brand new opportunities while protecting your stakeholders.

What will you change in your approach to Strategy and Execution for 2023?