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The Economics of a Pandemic

Posted by Scott Newton on Apr 23, 2020 3:30:51 PM

"Start Reading More of the Economist and less of Harvard Business Review"  

Dr. Arturo Bris, Director of the World Competitiveness Centre, I.M.D. (Lausanne, Switzerland) April 2020

As heightened uncertainty freezes Economic Activity, the risk of a Cash Flow Spiral increases. Today the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits has spiked to more than 26 Million adults which is 40X higher than any previous record in history.

GDP forecasts of contraction range from 15% to more than 40%, compared to 4.5% during the Great Recession.

Alcohol consumption have spiked by 25% for Wine and Spirits, and 14% for Beer.

School Closings reinforce inequality.

What can be done to offset the impacts of the Pandemic?

What does this mean for your businesses?

How should you be leading your firms, and what Strategies should you be setting for 2020?

Dr. Paolo Surico at London Business School has been working together with his team to provide near real-time data on what the Pandemic means and what we, and our government leaders, can do about this situation. This video was live streamed 23 APR 2020.