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Posted by Scott Newton on Mar 29, 2021 9:08:55 AM

Managing Partner at Thinking Dimensions Scott Newton spoke with David Lancefield, an expert in Strategy and Leadership about decision-making by the top teams:

★ As a Board or Exco member you should anticipate moves your colleagues, build from their strengths, listen attentively and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

★ Boards have asked better questions about resilience, risks and mental health than before the pandemic.

★ Every mid-size company needs an ecosystem strategy – working out their position and how they add value.

★ Get out to your customers and understand the problems they’re having so you can then work out which products, services or experiences to develop.

★ Develop your view on new value creation – e.g. based on ideas, IP.

★ Upskilling should focusing on nurturing your growth mindset, and ability to experiment, looking at new business models. Be less zombie!

★The best Asian companies have two defining characteristics: speed and helping their employees to act like entrepreneurs.

There's more in the full interview - link below (with notes and timings).

Scott notes "I  loved the stimulating discussion with David- a great experience and energy and hope you do too!" 

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