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What does it take to perform effectively as a Board?

Posted by Scott Newton on Sep 7, 2021 1:34:08 PM

 Strategy and Leadership expert David Lancefield speaks with Thinking Dimensions Managing Partner Scott Newton on Board Dynamics and Executive Team Performance:

"What Does it take to perform effectively as a Board?"

As David explains his vision: "In this series of interviews I want to get under the skin of topics relevant to leaders – developing strategy, pursuing growth opportunities, responding to disruption, evolving their culture. I talk to executives, entrepreneurs and management thinkers from all over the world. I challenge them to be clear, precise and simple in what they say! And I want them to leave us with ideas we can action. "


Timing for this video

0:00 Start 1:07 Why a Board of Directors should act as a high performing sports team. 2:54. The most critical part of the performance at the Board 4:13 What’s changed in Board meetings during the pandemic. 6:26 Leaders recognise that their employees want a meaningful experience at work. 7:32 The importance of ecosystems to mid-size organisations. 10:04 The role strategic foresight is now playing. 12:07 How Consulting is being disrupted and what he’s doing to drive this. 16:33 Strategy in the 2020s. 19:30 What CEOs should learn to be less zombie. 22:15 The two aspects of Asian companies that many European companies can learn from. 23:37 The one company that has impressed him the most during the pandemic. 25:04 What he’s learned about himself during the pandemic.