Prevent Recurrence of Incidents: Operational Efficiency and Recurring Problems

It is reassuring in operations when the probability of a negative event occurring is limited.  In reality though many small problems recur and cause significant problems, because they are not properly addressed, often creating significant production and financial loss.  Such lack of operational efficiency is often hidden in the finances of an operation, to eventually show up unexpectedly.

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Evaluate Plans for Risk: Scope Creep and Budget Overrun

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Evaluate Plans for Risk

Being persistent and precise, pays off when problem solving.

A client was assisted with an internal problem solving session.  A lot of time was spent analyzing a long standing problem.  This problem was a "worst ever."

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Create: Operations Solutions – The Culprits of Solution Implementation Setbacks and Delays

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Transactional & People Problems

Operational Problem Solving Strategies in Transactional Environments

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