Thinking Dimensions Global Alumni

Critical Decision Makers and Problem Solvers for Life

If you've been trained, consulted, mentored, or taught by Thinking Dimensions Global or KEPNERandFOURIE, you're one of us now! We invite you to continue the journey with fellow critical thinkers by attending annual events, collaborating in online forums, and eventually hosting or participating in local chapter meetings. 

The Thining Dimensions Alumni Association is just getting started and we will be posting more information here in the upcoming weeks about how you can get involved, so be sure to check back frequently. 

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Online Forums

Think with us...

If you consider yourself a strategic thinker, the smartest move you can make is associating yourself with other strategic thinkers. You’ve heard the expression, “The smartest person in the room”? Our mission is to create a giant room full of people like that.

Annual Events

Meet with us...

In honor of our cofounder, Chuck Kepner, we will be hosting annual events in which we will be awarding the best thinkers of our time. We would love for you to join us at these celebrations as fellow problem solvers create history together.


Learn with us...

One of the benefits of being a TDG or KandF alumnus, is that you'll have access to our library of resources. We are busy assembling over 6 decades of articles and tested research from our founders and partners, and we'll be sharing all of that with you. 

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