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Remembering and Celebrating Chuck Kepner’s Legacy

Feb 11, 2016 5:21:37 PM

On March 27th, a legendary force in decision-making and problem-solving has passed away...

Please Join Us in Remembering  
Chuck Kepner’s Life and Legacy

It is with our great sadness to deliver the news that Dr. Charles Kepner has passed away. He went peacefully in his sleep on Easter Sunday

Please continue to share your memories and warm wishes on this memorial blog.

Chuck Kepner has had an immeasurable influence and far-reaching impact on corporate problem-solving and decision-making, both nationally and on the global stage. His work and methodologies on strategic thinking have been applied everywhere from NASA and the CIA to prominent organizations throughout the world.

Chuck Kepner

Contrary to popular thinking, Chuck believed that decision-making and problem-solving weren’t skills that you either had or you didn’t. Instead, they were tools that could be refined and developed through proper training, dedication and hard work. From his years at the Rand Corporation in the fifties to his partnership with Mat-thys Fourie in the nineties, Chuck Kepner’s legacy of critical thinking spans half a century.

Kepner’s methods were instrumental in the famed rescue mission of Apollo 13’s doomed astronauts, and later the KEPNERandFOURIE method of critical thinking expanded worldwide. Organizations applied and adopted these methodologies and experienced remarkable results in areas ranging from IT troubleshooting to corporate decision-making at the highest levels.

"The dynamics of thinking, logic, wisdom from experience, and the ability to diverge to find new ideas, and converge to put them all together in a practical way, apply equally to the individual and to the individual working with other people."– Chuck Kepner

Share Your Stories and Memories in This Special Tribute...

On February 14, 2016, Chuck Kepner celebrated his 94th birthday and we asked for you to share your birthday wishes below. We are so grateful that Chuck was able to hear from you before he passed. 

We’d like to continue this memorial in his honor, and are looking to you for help. Were you influenced by Chuck’s teachings? Did you know him personally, or know others who did? Were any of your clients or customers exposed to Chuck’s breakthrough methods?

If the answer is yes, then please share any stories, anecdotes, remembrances, or knowledge of Chuck and his teachings with us by entering your information below. We look forward to gathering your responses and creating a tribute to memorialize the life and legacy of one of the corporate world’s most iconic personalities and powerful contributors.

Thank you.

Rebecca Borough

Written by Rebecca Borough