Finding the Right Fault is the Key to Superior Incident Investigation

By Andrew Sauter on Nov 26, 2014 4:35:00 PM

How often do you have incidents that take far too long to resolve or restore service? Do your Incident Statements have fault wording like Slow, Degraded, Poor performance, etc?  If this is the case, then this vague wording is a primary reason why! Wording like this should be banned from incident statements.

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High Speed Incident Analysis?

By Adriaan du Plessis on Sep 17, 2014 4:23:00 PM

IT Service Desks have a primary responsibility to “Maintain End User Satisfaction with IT Services”. Think of internet banking services: if the end user could not use the service at the time they wished to do so, it would be unacceptable to him/her.  The end user never accepts that “we met Service Level Requirements and are therefore performing well.” If the desired service is not available and functionally working, we are simply not meeting end user client requirements.

The foregoing is a dilemma; our service management can never be fast enough and we need to continually find ways to deliver faster without compromising quality of work.  Unless we become blazingly fast, the end user client will not only lose faith in us, but in this day and age will be very vocal about it, possibly causing reputational damage to the service provider.  

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