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10 Symptoms that your company needs to unlock a pricing strategy: #10: You Don’t Have a Pricing Strategy

Posted by Tim Lewko on Nov 4, 2013 8:14:00 PM

The last symptom may be the hardest one to hear – your company does not have a pricing strategy.  Through the last 9 blogs we have pinpointed many opportunities that you can take to raise your game via pricing. Remember, pricing is the single, most impactful lever a company has at its disposal to address profit gaps.

It’s your decision.

Moving forward – the next series of blogs will focus on a critical competency every executive and employee in the company has at their disposal – decision making. In this blog series – we will be extracting the golden threads and pitfalls of  ”Why Decisions Fail”. We will be providing practical steps and insights to improve anyone’s decision making ability.