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Act Don’t React: How to Frame Issues for Better Results

Posted by Tim Lewko on Apr 30, 2015 3:54:23 PM

As an executive or manager when was the last time....

  • Your company unplugged its email because it was a long weekend? 

  • Your customer said take your time my problem can wait? 

  • Your Board or Boss said, “don’t worry about the results”?

I’m guessing NEVER to all 3.

The reality of being a leader today is we are overloaded with data, directives and desires from all sides. 
Because we don’t want to “miss anything” or “not respond” in many cases we:

  • Zero in on interesting but irrelevant information
  • Take assumptions as facts
  • Get too far in the weeds and forget what field we are plowing 

  • Or react impulsively because doing something is better than nothing 

As a leader you must: 

  • Have a simple way to rise above the noise and sort complex situations,

  • Quickly distinguish between strategic and operational issues,
  • Be able to set context and clearly delegate priorities to those you manage, 

  • And have transportable tools that you use for problems, decisions, and risks.

In short, you must have a repeatable method to simplify and solve issues that come your way, so you can make your budget or numbers. 

One tool I created that you can use to quickly understand a situation and put the issues in context is shared below. 

Benefit from this simple strategy and decision-making framework (SD Framework) in 5 ways. 

It will:

  1. Speed Your Assessment of Any Situation – because its repeatable and captures all the issues 

  2. Reinforce Your Confidence That A Complete View of The Situation has Been Captured 

  3. Provide Content Guidance as To What Type of Issue you are Dealing with 

  4. Encourage you to Separate Strategic From Operational Issues 

  5. Make Issues Visible So Your People Can Easily Collaborate 

If you would like more information on how companies we work with PROFIT from CLARITY through the simple yet powerful decision-making tools we embed I invite you to comment or contact me to share your thinking.


Download the TDG Strategy and Decision Making Framework