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How can you improve your Go To Market success rates?

Posted by Scott Newton on Sep 21, 2023 1:48:07 PM

Every year, 72% of all new released products fail to reach market projections.


How can you improve your Go-To-Market success and deliver outstanding impact in your organization?

Thinking Dimensions Managing Partner Scott Newton speaks with Go-To-Market Expert and 6 time successful CEO Donald B. Hawthorne on:

  • What is Go-To-Market, and what is it NOT?
  • Why does it matter and what makes a Great Company?
  • What do the exemplars do, and how can you better Focus on your Customers and linking your Strategy to their unmet needs?
  • What typically goes wrong, when, and how can you check your "Blind Spots" before it is too late?
  • Why don't more organizations address Strategy and Go To Market more carefully?
  • How to address Go To Market in your Board Meetings for meaningful Outputs?
  • How can you build the bridge between Strategy and Culture working together for successful Go To Market?
  • How can you work in the fast paced volatile environment of business today?

A live Video Presentation which you can watch right here: