Nick Bickell

Cape Town South Africa. | Senior Consultant-TDG South Africa
Nick focuses on the implementation of strategies, systems and competences, which enable clients in any industry to implement business improvement programs. Nick enjoys working hands-on with management teams to achieve sustainable bottom line results.

Recent Posts

Information - the Key to Performance Improvement

By Nick Bickell on May 19, 2015 3:43:41 PM

One of the most common, and useful measures of operational profitability for many organisations is COST per UNIT.

Unfortunately this concept is discussed at higher management levels, but rarely at lower levels.

Lower down we tend to talk about volumes and operating costs in isolation with little reference to each other. This results in the much debated problem of chasing volumes while ignoring costs. The converse also occurs frequently with equally damaging results.

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Why Do Some Improvement Projects Fail?

By Nick Bickell on Dec 2, 2014 5:54:49 PM

In all organisations at any point in time, there are a number of initiatives under way to improve performance.  These may be formal or informal, generated in meetings or in the tea room, part of a company wide Continuous Improvement Drive, products of a suggestion scheme or quality circle, knee-jerk reactions to recent incidents etc.

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