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How Ready is your organization for Bold Growth?

Join Thinking Dimensions Global CEO Tim Lewko together with Managing Partner Scott Newton on Friday, February 4th at 09A EST (New York), 14:00 (London) for an interactive discussion on the brand new LinkedIN Audio Live Event Platform.

Scott and Tim, together with an expert panel, will be discussing:

1. The Bold Growth Blueprint and what organizations are practically doing today to realize Bold Growth

2. Ending Fantasy Land and how to say NO to portfolio assets that are not a part of the changing future

3. Exploring Value not Parity: Coming to terms with real advantage lies

4. Scenarios, Not Absolutes: Creating a seeing and sensing organization that quickly reads the small points and weak signals of industry change

5. Exploring the Future: The learning organization that is exploring new business models

We invite you to join us on February 4th, 2022 for this 45 minute LIVE session together on the LinkedIN Audio Event platform (click on image below for complimentary registration:)

February 4th 2022 photo of CEO Tim Lewko and Managing Partner Scott Newton