Bose Cuts the Retail Cord: What Industry shifts mean for YOUR business

By Scott Newton on Jan 30, 2020 6:15:00 AM

Bose, a company with a long-term reputation for Strategic agility and top notch customer experience, have announced they will close all of their retail stores in North America and Europe.

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Is Your Strategic Planning Agile Enough?

By Tim Lewko on Sep 2, 2019 2:16:06 PM

If your planning process is not driving speed, flexibility and iteration - which are MUSTS in today business environment - it may be time for an upgrade

Being "agile" seems to be the buzz word in many companies and mainstream media. It primarily gained attention as a method for better software development. However packaged its principles rest on the PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT basics which should also apply to your strategic planning process.

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How you can use your Strategic Review to increase performance

By Scott Newton on Aug 30, 2019 2:50:23 PM

The most effective company leaders are using the strategic review process to jumpstart performance and attain breakthrough results.


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What is a Strategic Review?

By Scott Newton on Aug 9, 2019 3:10:00 PM

And why should you participate?

Strategic Review. Two words that in the minds of some people elicit a reaction of happiness and excitement about shaping the future and in the minds of others dread of another day of powerpoint and stale sandwiches. How can your participation be more about the happiness and excitement reactions and less about stale sandwiches?

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Facing Strategic Issues? Decisions on Priorities are Key

By Scott Newton on Sep 25, 2014 4:40:14 PM

How to move from theory to meaningful action

Regular strategic updates in business often have a low degree of impact on the organization, and as a result low level of engagement from management in coming up with the best thinking necessary for the company or division. 

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