Press Release: Global Problem Solving Expert Presents IT Root Cause Analysis Workshop

Oct 20, 2017 5:42:17 PM


Learn a groundbreaking approach to finding the Root Cause the first time every time.

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WASHINGTON, Oct. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- After decades of providing cutting-edge technical and root cause analysis training to companies in the IT, aerospace, manufacturing, automobile, and banking industries, Thinking Dimensions Global is finally offering its innovative methodologies to the public.
On Thursday, November 2nd, Dr. Matt Fourie, RCA Expert, will teach qualified IT and business professionals how to implement immediate, efficacy-proven upgrades to IT Root Cause Analysis and Problem Management strategies. 

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Top 5 Benefits of This Exclusive, One-Day Workshop

  1. Reduce Mean Time To Repair by at least 80%.
  2. Reduce meetings needed to arrive at improved conclusion.
  3. Exponentially reduce general incidents and virtually eliminate recurring incidents.
  4. Close the percentage of open tickets by at least 50%, even if they are "old" ones.
  5. Contribute to Knowledge Management Database by adding the latest findings to the known error list.

"I have been solving problems for ages, so when Matt approached me to go to his Root Cause Analysis training, I was skeptical. Within the first two hours of the workshop, I realized that I've missed out BIG TIME not having a systematic, repeatable approach. See, I did well using my technical knowledge to solve problems, but the process approach that Matt is providing just blew me away."
                                                 - Lionel Wilson – Global Operations System Engineer

Attend this workshop and gain access to impactful processes that you can implement immediately + materials! Register here:

About the Facilitator: Dr. Mat-thys Fourie is Founder and Chairman of Thinking Dimensions Global (TDG) and Managing Director of Thinking Dimensions USA and Thinking Dimensions Singapore. He is also co-author and co-designer of the KEPNERandFOURIE® methodologies.

About the Company: TDG traces its origins back to 1997 when Drs. Chuck Kepner & Matt Fourie collaborated on the design and delivery of root cause analysis approaches for IT professionals to some of the leading companies in the world. TDG helped organizations develop better, faster, and more flexible techniques to improve performance. Today, TDG offers strategy, root cause analysis, and incident management consulting and training worldwide.

Topics: ITRCA

Mat-thys Fourie

Written by Mat-thys Fourie

Washington, DC, United States | Founder & Chairman of Thinking Dimensions Global
Mr. Fourie is a thought leader on how IT professionals apply Incident Investigation techniques on a repeatable and sustainable basis within their organizations. His strength lies in customizing and embedding the various techniques within existing CSI, Incident and Problem Management practices.


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