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Solve_IT_100x100Introducing the Solve IT App

Created by Thinking Dimensions Global*; brought to you by ServiceNow** 

Solve IT gives service desk personnel an exciting new approach for solving incidents quickly and permanently. This innovative new app employs Thinking Dimensions’ proprietary TOYF (Thinking On Your Feet) and INTUITIVE methodology to swiftly and accurately identify the “right” problems along the IT service chain, thus preventing wild goose chases, scattershot approaches and wasted or replicated effort.

Solve IT’s proven, structured problem identification methods allow users to swiftly and accurately identify and mitigate all types of IT service desk problems, from simple to complex, minor to major. Simply install the Solve IT app, choose your preferences (manual operation or automatic trigger) and Solve IT does most of the tough work for you! 

Why Use Solve IT? 

  • Increase IT productivity across the board
  • Reduce incident-related costs
  • Boost help desk turnaround times
  • Solve problems faster, solve them permanently

Solve IT is now available in the ServiceNow App Store!

To learn more about Solve IT, how it works, and what it can do for your organization’s service desk, please sign up for Solve IT updates on the form to the right and/or visit the ServiceNow App Store. 

Try Solve IT FREE for Thirty Days!

No hassles, no hard sell, no fine print!

We are so sure you will want to make Solve IT an integral part of your service desk tool kit that we are offering it to you free for 30 days. We’re also offering a special introductory coaching session for $695.00, which includes 4 hours of training, set-up and support with our in-house Solve IT expert. He’ll walk you through set-up, launch and daily use, answer questions, and provide real-time coaching and troubleshooting as you get Solve IT up and running. You’ll also receive a video recording of your coaching session to be used for future reference and trouble-shooting. Contact us using the form on the right to learn more. 

How Do I Get Started With My FREE Solve IT Trial?

  • Sign up for Solve IT updates
  • Visit the ServiceNow App Store
  • Download the Solve IT App for FREE
  • Take the Solve IT tutorial
  • Sign up for our introductory coaching session (optional)
  • You’re on your way!

* Thinking Dimensions Global is an international professional services firm renowned for its KandF ™ Problem Solving & Decision Making processes.

** ServiceNow is changing the way people work by providing products and solutions that complement today’s modern work environment. Streamline the delivery and management of work and services through apps, training, Cloud, automations, and much more!


Try out the  Solve IT App   at the ServiceNow Store!

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